Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in data center and IT management to drive business ahead. We define Cloud computing as "just-in-time services on shared resources." In reality, it's an opportunity to completely transform how your business and its people work.

The cloud computing helps you...

  • • Reduce IT hardware, software and service cost
    • Reduce data center cost
    • Enable faster time to market your products / services
    • Improve Disaster recovery and data backup
    • Enhance your control over day-to-day management
    • Improve Data integrity, Data Security and regulatory compliance

Using Career Karma’s technical expertise and proven methodologies your secure cloud will be designed to deliver infrastructure and application Platform as a Service.

Our services include integration with existing resources by utilizing best practices methodologies across the Cloud system into a private or public cloud environment. We make sure the seamless integration happens between security services, technology platforms and legacy applications.

We cater our clients having any of the Cloud models:

A private cloud: We can design an architecture based on your existing business requirements that includes setup, virtualization, business continuity planning, security and disaster recovery.

A Service Provider Cloud: We can address all architecture and installation needs ensuring the right customization to the needs of the service provider.

We ensure our Cloud Application Development will give you a competitive advantage by utilizing emerging technologies and skilled technical resources.